Certified English Translation of Foreign Documents

Certified English Translation of Foreign Documents

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When submitting documents in a foreign language with your immigration application, you must include English translations for each document in a foreign language. 

Here’s a general guide on providing English translations of your documents:

Translate All Documents:

  • Ensure that all documents in foreign languages are translated into English, including birth certificates, marriage certificates, divorce decrees, diplomas, transcripts, identification documents, and any other relevant materials.

Certified Translations:

  • USCIS requires translations to be certified. A certified translation is one in which the translator provides a statement affirming that the translation is accurate, and the translator is competent to translate. See below a certified translation template.

Ensure Accuracy:

  • Accuracy is crucial when translating documents for immigration. 
  • The translation must reflect the exact content of the original document, including names, dates, and other details. 
  • Any mistakes could lead to delays or complications in the immigration process.

Entire Document Translation:

  • The U.S. regulations require a translation of the document in its entirety


Submit Both the Original and Translated Documents:

  • When submitting documents with your immigration application, include both the original documents and their English translations. Make sure that the translations are clearly labeled as such.


Use Professional Translators:

  • Choose a professional translator or a translation service that is competent and experienced in translating legal and official documents. Ideally, the translator should be certified or accredited. Many translation companies provide services online.


Sample Certificate of Translation Template


Certificate of Translation

I certify that the above extract is a true and accurate translation of the attached document from XXXX [foreign language] to English.  I further certify that I am fluent in both the XXXX [foreign language] and the English languages.


Name:   [Last, First]


Signature: ______________________            


Date: (MM/DD/YYYY)


Address: Street Number

City, State, Zip Code