P-4 Visa for Dependents of P Visa Holders

P-4 Visa

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What is a P-4 visa?

The P-4 visa is a type of visa issued to the dependents of individuals who hold a P visa in the U.S.

P visas are non-immigrant visas that are granted to foreign nationals coming to the U.S. temporarily to perform in specific types of entertainment or athletic activities, or to participate in cultural exchange programs.

The P-4 visa is specifically for the dependents (spouses and unmarried children under 21), of P visa holders. 

It allows them to accompany the principal P visa holder to the U.S. and stay for the duration of the principal’s authorized stay. 

There are different categories of P visas, including:

  • P-1A visa for athletes
  • P-1B visa for entertainers
  • P-2 visa for artists and entertainers in reciprocal exchange programs
  • P-3 visa for culturally unique artists and entertainers

P-4 visa requirements

The P-4 visa requirements include:

  • Relationship to the P Visa Holder:
      • The applicant must be the spouse or unmarried child under 21 years old of the principal P visa holder
  • Principal’s Valid P Visa:
      • The principal P visa holder must have a valid P-1A, P-1B, P-2 or P-3 visa
  • Proof of Relationship:
    • Documentation proving the relationship to the principal P visa holder, such as marriage certificate for spouses or birth certificate for children

P-4 visa cost

The P-4 visa government filing fee is $205 per applicant.

Government fees are subject to change, check the most current P-4 visa fee (see “Petition based visa categories”)

P-4 visa checklist of documents

The following documents must be submitted with a P-4 visa application (submit photocopies only):

Required evidence

Acceptable documents

Proof of principal holder’s P status
  • Form I-129 approval notice for the principal P visa holder
  • Copy of the principal P visa holder’s valid P visa (if available)
Visa Application Form
  • Completed DS-160 visa application form for each family member
  • Form DS-160 confirmation page
Valid Passport
  • A passport valid for at least six months beyond the intended period of stay in the U.S.
Passport-Sized Photos
  • Recent passport-sized photographs meeting the specified requirements for each applicant
Proof of Relationship
  • Marriage certificate for spouses or birth certificate for unmarried children under 21

How to apply for a P-4 visa

To apply for a P-4 visa you will need to take the following steps:

Step 1. Check Eligibility:

  • Ensure that you are eligible for a P-4 visa as the dependent spouse or unmarried child under 21 of a principal P visa holder
  • You must present a marriage certificate (for spouses) and birth certificate (for children)

Step 2. Complete the DS-160 Form:

  • Fill out the Online Nonimmigrant Visa Application Form DS-160 online for each family member applying
  • Save Form DS-160 confirmation page

Step 3. Pay the Visa Fee:

  • Pay the non-refundable visa application fee

Step 4. Schedule an Interview:

  • Schedule an interview at the U.S. embassy or consulate in your home country
  • Check the visa appointment wait period online

Step 5. Gather Required Documents:

  • Collect all necessary supporting documents, including:
    • Valid passports for each applicant
    • Passport-sized photographs
    • Proof of relationship (marriage certificate or birth certificate)
    • Proof of the principal P visa holder’s status
    • DS-160 confirmation page

Step 6. Attend the Interview:

  • Attend the scheduled interview with all required documents

Step 7. Wait for Visa Processing:

  • After the interview, the consular officer will make a decision on the visa application
  • It typically takes 7 days for the P-4 visa to be issued

Step 8. Receive Passport with Visa:

  • If the visa is approved, the passport with the P-4 visa stamp will be returned to the applicant
  • Make sure to check the visa for accuracy

Step 9. Travel to the U.S.:

  • Once the P-4 visa is issued, the family members can travel to the U.S. at the same time or after the principal P visa holder’s entry

P-4 visa processing time

It can take about 1-2 months to obtain a P-4 visa:

  • Filling out Form DS-160 – 1-7 days
  • Scheduling interview at the U.S. Embassy – 1 calendar day to 15 calendar days
  • Visa issuance – 7 days

To check the most current processing times for P-4 visa applications:

  • Visit Visa Appointment Wait Times page (enter the US Embassy/Consulate location, check the “Interview Required Petition-Based Temporary Workers (H, L, O, P, Q)” timeline)

Keep in mind that processing times are general estimates, and individual cases may take less or more time to complete.

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