Ever considered moving to Vietnam? Here are the best places to live!

Ever considered moving to Vietnam

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Most adventurers dream of visiting Asia, and Vietnam is on top of their list. Whether it’s for its incredible landscapes and ancient ruins, people love jumping on a boat and cruising through the water channels connecting the most important locations in the country. But have you actually thought of resettling in one of those magical places for good?

Be it for the hospitable people and their warmth, its outstanding gastronomical offer, its beauty, or the low cost of living, Vietnam is definitely an option worth exploring beyond the astonishing temples we all learn about in travel guides.

Luckily, nowadays, traveling has become much easier for everybody. Thanks to technology and development worldwide, humanity is more connected than ever. Having access to places you wouldn’t have ever dreamed of in the past is just a few steps away. There will be some requirements, no doubt. 

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Once you have handled all the paperwork and have all your documents in order, you might ask, “where can I live in Vietnam?” Well, we strongly recommend you consider these places to migrate to, in the Asian country. 

H?i An

This Vietnamese city is perfect for those searching for clean and green space, a small city with a family atmosphere but good infrastructure, malls, and commercial pathways. In 1985 its ancient town was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Da Lat

This city has a romantic feel to it, and its main attractions are close by. It’s perfect for couples, and why not? Maybe find one because it has a lovely community that is very welcoming and has a very peaceful ambiance.

Ho Chi Minh City

Formerly known as Saigon, it is Vietnam’s largest city and ideal for those seeking cultural and historical attractions. Still, aside from these beautiful sites, people head there to visit the enormous shopping malls, experience the fantastic nightlife, and much more. But, most importantly, people head there because it’s also a budget-friendly destination and a big urban center with so much to offer. 

Sa Pa

Located in the northern part of Vietnam, if you are a nature lover, this is an ideal place for you. It is a small, picturesque city surrounded by rice fields and mountains, making it ideal for taking the perfect picture. It has reasonable accommodation and everything you need in the city center as well as hostels, hotels, and residential areas that give you the environment-friendly surroundings you need.


This is a vibrant city and undoubtedly the most fantastic one in Vietnam. It’s always on top of the list of every traveler, as it’s a result of the combination of Asian and European culture. Its exuberant nightlife, art galleries, and local boutiques fill the city with colors and textures, as well as the varied restaurants and vendors that keep the streets busy and give people an active lifestyle.

Da Nang

Also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, many visitors define this city as one that provides a well-balanced lifestyle, with its clean and organized streets along the beach and the Han River. 

So if you’ve been wondering what the best migration destination or cities to live in Vietnam are, rest assured that Vietnam is an excellent place for travelers, retirees, and ex-pats, due to its relaxed climate and safety altogether.